Friendly for Us, Friendly for the Environment

All raw materials used in the manufacture of our doors come from sustainable sources.

Made in Poland

All products are manufactured in factories located within our country.

Quality appreciated by our customers

We are constantly implementing innovative solutions to ensure the highest quality.

Why Voster?Reliability and innovative solutions for your home

For over 25 years, Voster has specialised in the production and distribution of framed and panel doors. Our interior doors and accessories are sold not only in Poland, but also on the Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and even American markets!

Our offer includes interior doors (including non-rebated framed doors, rebated framed doors, panel doors and glass doors), interior entrance doors, door frames, sliding systems and accessories - handles, electric strikes, masking bands, skirting boards, ventilation sleeves, hinge casings, gaskets, cylinders, handles, hook locks, synch system, self-closing devices and thresholds.

Professional Cycling TeamWe are the sponsor of Voster ATS Team

The Voster ATS Team has existed among professional groups since the beginning of 2017. Our team is a dynamically developing sports project. The good direction of the team's development is confirmed by the results obtained by our cyclists in the national as well as international arena.

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