Non-rebated framed doors
  • white matt
  • grey
  • bianco
  • arctic oak
  • oak latte
  • Bawaria oak
  • copper
  • marengo
  • oak carbon
  • black mat

A new version of non-rebated doors. Through the use of an innovative opening and closing system, we have obtained a minimalist and modern form of doors that do not have a traditional lock and handle.

The wing has a block of magnetic stainless steel in the frame and a system of strong magnets. The magnetic force causes the door to close silently and perfectly.

In order to fully close (lock) the door, a small lock with a toilet block or a cylinder lock should be used as an option at an additional cost.

The wing is enhanced with solid board

Additional charges:

lock for cylinder; bathroom lock

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Non-rebated framed doors


Rebated Framed Doors


Non-rebated framed doors

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