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Platinium Framed doors
  • white matt
  • arctic oak
  • oak latte
  • Bawaria oak
  • oak carbon
Construction: Framed door wing; Horizontal rails made of MDF Width of vertical rails 14 cm; Vertical rails made of coniferous wood
Glazing: Tempered glass
Available widths: 60 | 70 | 80 | 90
Hardware: Three adjustable 2-pintle hinges Lock for key, cylinder or bathroom lock
Finishing: Foiled door wing: V-Platinium:
foil of polypropylene finishing resistant to water, steam, stains, scratches and friction; easy to be cleaned; resistant to chemical exposure; flexible; exceptional printing quality; unique match of embossing and printing; reflecting natural wooden structures
Additional charges: Ventilation cut Ventilation PVC sleeves 1 pc. Ventilation brass sleeves 1 pc. Door wing 100 wide Automatic threshold
  • Solid construction
  • 3 pivot hinges
  • 3 adjustable 2-pintle hinges – PLATINIUM COLLECTION
  • Innovative system of foiling rails: no edge band.
  • Rail made of coniferous wood – PLATINIUM COLLECTION
  • High endurance to mechanical impact.
  • No glazing beads.
  • Tempered glass.
  • Smooth side of the glass is located on the wider side of the wing.
  • Glass can be reversed - no extra charge.
  • Lock has one key-turn option.
  • Panel wing can be individually cut up to 4 cm without invalidating warranty - excluding sliding and double door wings.
  • Since the decorative foil that covers our products imitates the wood graining that does not feature identical grain pattern and identical colour along the entire length and width of the tree, the decorative foil in the longitudinal and transverse direction will also not feature identical staining and grain.
  • Manufacturer has the right to notice the differences in the transparency and colouring of the glass panes made in the screen printing technology, towards to glass panes fixed in the showroom doors or previous production batches of the door wings.
  • Wing can be made without drill for lock (economy lock) – no extra charge.

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