Single frameless door cassette

The frameless cassette is dedicated to an on-wall sliding system without the use of masking band to the gypsum board wall. The frames remain invisible. Original form provides the interior with contemporary, slightly raw, character. This solution supports simple and modern interior design.

Door wing: Non-rebated sliding door wing;
Mounted PVC holder in the colour of the door wing
Additional charges: Round steel holder 1 set
Oval steel holder 1 set
Additional information: In non-rebated sliding door wings there is no ventilation cut;
Ventilation sleeves can be provided;
Non-rebated sliding board door wings are not wrapped over the top edge;
The door wing cannot be mounted and taken out without disrupting the wall
Cassette module Door wing width [So] (mm) Door wing height [Ho] (mm) Total system width [C] (mm) Door cassette length [D] (mm) Clear opening width before finishing [F] (mm) Clear opening width within door frames [E] (mm) Door cassette depth upon completion [G] (mm) Clear opening height [Hp] (mm) Total door cassette height [H1] (mm)
60 644 2030 1304 651 627 602 654 2018 2119
70 744 1504 751 727 702 754
80 844 1704 851 827 802 854
90 944 1904 951 927 902 954
100 1044 2104 1051 1027 1002 71054

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